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At CPR, we are often called to help those that others can't help.

To make a difference in an animal's life that others won't make.

To take on the hard cases, the ones that need more than a vaccination or a haircut to turn them into highly adoptable pets.  

We're called on to make miracles happen - medical miracles.  
With your help, we can.

Last weekend we sent out a challenge - two exceptional donors had pledged to donate $ 1500 if $ 1500 could be found but there was a catch - it was over the weekend.  Weekends are hard.  People are out and about and aren't at their computers to read emails.

My fear was unfounded.  You read our challenge wherever you were and you responded.  We made our goal with some to spare.  Thank you! 

Want to meet the dogs you've helped? 

Thanks to you, these heartworm positive dogs at our farm are all getting essential treatment to get them well and our bill from last month's heartworm treatments is paid.  What a great feeling.



Harley - what a drama king! 

Harley - the great dane is in a committed foster home who is working through his issues with other dogs.  I've got high hopes he's truly home.


Oreo continues to have his challenges. He's back in the hospital, this time with a kidney infection.  Slowly, his problems are being addressed and resolved.  Every vet who has met this dog tells me what a little trooper he is.  Please say a prayer for him.  He really needs a break.





Joy - and she is a joy with a wagging tail and a happy bark the silver toy poodle has a wheelchair on order.  While modern medicine can't make her legs work again, it can provide her with everything she needs to get mobile.  Joy now has booties for her legs and a stroller all her own.  She has a wheelchair coming and now more panties, booties and socks than most teenage girls.  Joy will be spayed in the next week or so and then she'll be looking for a very special home to call her own.

s .



Amos - the happy go lucky standard poodle with a penchant for wandering?  He's eating me out of house and home.  The surgery was a success and Amos is doing all he can to gain weight and get buff.  Amos has a meet and greet this week and even if not this family, I have no doubt he'll be picked very soon to be someone's special boy. 


Going forward into 2015 we want to help more dogs that need more help.  We don't specialize in the dogs that are easy to place.  We don't specialize in the dogs that have little to fix.  We specialize in fixing what's wrong.  In healing what hurts. In making them well.

Through February, our medical miracles program will go out to everyone on our mailing list.  After February, our medical miracles campaign will have a mailing list all its own. 

If you are interested in knowing about our special needs dogs as they come in, please sign up to continue receiving alerts and updates on the dogs and their care. Click here to sign up.

Thank you.  In 2015 our goal is to reach these poodles and poodle mixes who need more than the ordinary, who need more than a shave and a haircut and a new collar to make them adoptable. We want to find the ones who need more than others can give. With your help, we want to make many more miracles for once healed, these dogs make incredible pets and can go on to bless the lives of a family.  We want to give them the chance to do so.


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These are some of our sanctuary dogs, the dogs that can't find a home due to age or health or medical needs. These are the dogs that we provide a loving home for as long as they need it.
Become a patron - and help those that have no place of their own make our place their own.


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