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Meet Adoptable Charlie of Anderson!!

Charlie of Anderson is an adult male Miniature Poodle. He originally came to CPR in March of 2018 as an owner release due to his owner’s health. He was adopted and returned in early August and then again in mid-September.

This poor guy can't catch a break. Charlie has now been adopted and returned twice. The first time was to a family who tried but Charlie wanted a quieter home. The second time was to a college student with a fairly quiet life, but Charlie did not want to be cuddled after 7 pm and so sadly was returned. So we are trying once more time before putting Charlie in our SOS program. Here is the wish list: Charlie needs someone home a good bit of the time. He loves people and wants only to be with you. He would be a good companion dog to another dog although he's not a player. He's a hangout kind of guy. He is also a "do my own thing" kind of guy. He gets tired after 7 pm and he wants to find a bed and get his rest. The best home for him is one with a very experienced dog owner and several dogs so that Charlie can blend in and not have to be the one and only that constantly gets attention. He does not want that. He wants some attention, some walks and some fun but at the end of the day he does not want to be the one solely responsible for his owner's dog happiness.

Charlie is a simple, easy going kind of guy who wants to hang out, play some bridge, go for a long, leisurely walk and then settle down to an evening of home activities. He is shy when he first meets people, but he will come up to you and take treats. He loves attention, he loves to be petted (when it is on his terms) and touched and he loves to be talked to. He sleeps in a crate here and he knows to settle down. He eats in a crate here, but once he is done eating, he's ready to get right back at your feet.

If you would like to learn more about Charlie of Anderson, follow the link below and search for him in our available dogs list.

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