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With the issuing of credit cards with chips, some regular donations through Mobile Cause, PayPal, or other methods are being inadvertently cancelled due to credit card errors. We hope that you will renew any monthly donations that you may have set up for CPR. Only with your support and sponsorship are we able to do everything that we can for the dogs.

To set recurring donations back up, please go to our website and select the "Donate now" button. This will prompt a re-entry of patron's information. Thank you for again for your support!

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May 1, 2017, we turned 17 years old.

So what's Luna doing to celebrate?  

 Luna wants to start an official medical fund and she wants to call it Luna's Legacy.  Luna's Legacy will help those who can't help themselves.  Her fund will help with the medical bills of the dogs we take in.
There are times when we do not have time to do a specific fundraiser for a specific dog for the time is only enough to save their lives.  Luna's Legacy, an ongoing medical fund, will help us be there no matter what and no matter when.

Luna's willing to work for her fund and she's got a challenge for our supporters and friends.  Luna and I are putting ourselves on the line to start this fund in a most dramatic way.  We've signed up to run a 5k Canine Biathalon.  It's a grueling obstacle course with woman and dog pitting ourselves against all kinds of challenges.  


Guess who ROCKED their first ever canine biathlon? That's right, our Director Donna and her right hand dog (aka CPR spokesdog) Luna!

We had over $10,000 in pledges riding on this race and now Luna's Legacy Medical Fund will be a reality. If you are one of those AMAZING people who pledged, you can honor your pledge by going here:

There is a memo / comment section where you can note "Luna's Legacy Medical Fund". If you don't see it, just leave us a comment or send us a message and we'll get the donation marked appropriately.

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CPR's patrons program is our sustained giving program and it is our patrons who buy us time. CPR has grown to the point that we can not continue our mission nor can we grow unless we have more sustaining donors buying us that time.

Our request is simple -- $ 25 per month.

Our goal is huge -- 1,000 donors each giving at least $ 25 per month. At $ 25 per month, our team will have the time they need to do what needs to be done to help each dog. One by one.  We are currently at 207 wonderful people donating to our patrons program.  Thank you.  

Why do we need time?  We want to keep on making happy endings and being the place dogs can come to wait, knowing that together, we've always got that safe place.  

 Our hope, as you read their stories, is that you will help us to give more time to dogs just like THESE



Visit our Online Store today! We have a variety of t-shirts and many other items donated to our Rescue. 100% goes to the support of our furbabies!

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New York, NY Best Friends Event June2-4th

Spartanburg, SC
Croft State Park - Hike with a CPR adoptable

Charlotte, NC
2nd SAT of every month - Information Table @ PetSmart 11 am - 3 pm

Raleigh, NC
June 17th 10am to 4pm Petsmart 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy

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S.O.S. Program

At Carolina Poodle, our mission is simple: one by one until there are none. Our Seniors and Special Needs (SOS) program says yes to dogs (and an occasional cat) in need when others cannot.

Since the beginning of our efforts to save Seniors and Special Needs, more than 172 pets have crossed through our program. 37 have "graduated" and gone on to find new furever homes. 58 have crossed over the Bridge with CPR as their final home. We are very proud of these efforts and thankful to our donors and sponsors who have made this possible!

Today, our SOS program is home to more than 75 dogs. And our work is not done! $240/month allows us to offer food, shelter, and medical care for these babies. Learn more about our program at


We take in special needs dogs to live out their lives with us. We know they aren't going to be adopted. Help us take care of these special furbabies!

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