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At CPR, we are often called to help those that others can't help.

To make a difference in an animal's life that others won't make.

To take on the hard cases, the ones that need more than a vaccination or a haircut to turn them into highly adoptable pets.  

We're called on to make miracles happen - medical miracles.  
With your help, we can.


April 7, 2015
Meet Cody and Zack - brothers from different mothers, the two have been together since they were just a few weeks old.  Their life began in a kennel in the midlands, one of the designer breeds called "shepadoodles" (German Shepherd and Standard Poodle mixes). Zack (black) made his appearance in this word on 12/20/2009 and Cody came along a few days later, 1/2/2010.  They've lived together in harmony in a beautiful home in Atlanta until a few weeks ago.  The caring owners, battered by health problems, realized they could no longer provide a home for the boys and started seeking a new place for them to live.

Problem is, very few people can take on a dog with Addison's disease and both Cody and Zack have Addison's.   Cody is what is called atypical.  He only requires prednisone to control his symptoms. Zack gets prednisone and also an injection of a drug called percoten monthly.  Prednisone is cheap.  Percoten is another matter. Zack's meds cost around $ 100 per month and that is wholesale. 

Realizing they needed help, the owners called several rescues before being referred to Dreamweaver Farms.  After discussing their options, I invited the boys to come to us.  We're ready to start the search for forever homes but for Addison's dogs, that can sometimes take a while so we also accepted them in as virtually adoptable also.

Their first family,Cathy and Ben, provide 5 sponsors for each dog. That leaves us needing just 10 to round out their family of virtual adopters. 

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Thank you.  In 2015 our goal is to reach these poodles and poodle mixes who need more than the ordinary, who need more than a shave and a haircut and a new collar to make them adoptable. We want to find the ones who need more than others can give. With your help, we want to make many more miracles for once healed, these dogs make incredible pets and can go on to bless the lives of a family.  We want to give them the chance to do so.


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