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Breeder dogs and dogs with owners who are ill come to us with more problems then the average rescue dog. It typically takes about $400 to $500 for each dog to exam, vaccinate, heartworm test, spay or neuter, clean teeth and on the girls remove lumps and bumps. 

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Your donation helps us get these dogs from scared and sickly to happy and healthy and able to find good homes.  


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Fundraiser runs 11/10/15 - 12/01/15.  Delivery of your items will be by 12/16/15.

Carolina Poodle Rescue Popcorn Store








Carolina Poodle Rescue Popcorn Store
Carolina Poodle Rescue is having an awesome fundraiser with 67 Flavors of Amazing Gourmet Popcorn ... YUM!! Check it out when you have some time... support the...



Visit our Online Store today! We have a variety of t-shirts and many other items donated to our Rescue. 100% goes to the support of our furbabies!

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Gift Wrapping at Barnes & Noble
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These are some of our sanctuary dogs, the dogs that can't find a home due to age or health or medical needs. These are the dogs that we provide a loving home for as long as they need it.

Become a patron - and help those that have no place of their own make our place their own.




We take in special needs dogs to live our their lives with us. We know they aren't going to be adopted. Help us take care of these special furbabies!

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