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UPDATE 5/8/13!

I answer the phone and the specialist says, " he is one lucky dog!" After catscan and highlighting his spinal cord, the doctor thinks that the impact from the bullet caused some compression of the spinal cord. Good news is that he thinks there is no damage to the spinal cord! The bullet fractured his vertebre, but he is saying that we are NOT DOING SURGERY! He is going to call me in the morning with an update. Lots of extensive therapy is what we are going to do. What that entails, I'm not sure but will know more tomorrow. We are still not positive that he will walk again, and therapy will be a long haul. He has a fighting chance.

Waylon's story.

I walked out of my house wednesday morning (5-1-13) to find my fence door broken and my dogs gone. I began looking for them. I found my 2 year old hound mix laying underneath a tree. He had been shot. He had to be taken to have surgery because he was shot in the hips. He is recovering very well.

We could not find our 1 year old bloodhound, Waylon, anywhere. After many fliers and signs the word was out and everyone was keeping an eye out for me. I received a phone call 5 days later that someone spotted Waylon.

We had finally found him. He could not walk. I took him to the hospital. They found that he had 4 bullets in him, one in the right leg, two in the left leg and one in his spine. He has no control of his bowels or bladder. His condition has not improved since finding him.

Our first step will be to have a specialist give him an exam, possible cost, $350 (depending on how many x-rays are needed). If they feel they can help him with back surgery, the cost is estimated to be anywhere from $2700-$3700. Once we have the funds raised, they are ready for him.

I do not want to euthanize him. He is only 1 year old and this is not his fault. We are reaching out to see if there is any help that can be offered. He is being kept at Westside Veterinary Hospital where I work.


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