About Me

Name: Percy
Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier / Schnauzer Mix
Age: 4.5 years old
Height: 14" at shoulder
Weight: 15 lbs
Good with dogs: Sometimes
Good with men: Sometimes
Good with women: Sometimes
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: Yes


Percy was surrendered to a rural shelter when his owners could no longer care for him. He can be temperamental and needs someone willing to work with him. He also need someone willing to come and visit with him several times before taking him home.

Percy is a quiet the boy when I first meet you and come across as I don't like anyone but once I warm up I am fine. It takes me a little bit of time to understand and trust why another human would want to love me. Percy doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence and has the attitude that I am going to get you before you get me. He is very food motivated, so treats is a way to this guys heart. Caregivers say 'he is sweet as sugar when he loves and trust you". He is also a very energetic dog and LOVES squeaky toys and will follow you anywhere to get one. 

I am not good with meeting new people. I will growl and snarl. Please don't hold this against me and give me a chance to trust you and love you. I could be your best-friend. 

Percy needs a very quiet home with no children because he is really scared and doesn't do well with strangers. The suggestion for a meet and greet on him would be come out to the farm for a few days to meet him so he could get to know and trust you. He would need to be the only pet because he doesn't like to share his attention with any other dogs. 


Can’t have a dog of your own? Have a soft spot for old, sick or hard to place dogs? It only takes a $20 a month donation for me to be your virtual dog! I need at least 10 virtual adopters (sponsors) to help cover my monthly costs.  If I have medical challenges I need even more! r having to leave your home, you can have your very own online dog that will send you update emails, make Facebook posts, and be eternally grateful for your support!  Go to the donate link at the top of the page for instructions as to how to donate. Questions?  Email:

I love my Virtual Adopters!