About Me

Name: AnnaBelle
Gender: Female
Breed: Toy Poodle
Estimated Birthdate:
Height: 12" at shoulder
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Good with dogs: Sometimes
Good with men: Yes
Good with women: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: Yes


AnnaBelle was found as a stray in TN and picked up by animal control. How a small, blind dog ends up roaming the scary street is a mystery. Carolina Poodle Rescue knew this precious girl needed a retirement home and our sanctuary program fits the bill perfectly!

Annabelle is SOMETHING.  Annabelle will always need eye drops each day, currently she gets them once a day in each eye.  Tacrolimus .02%.  We also use the over the counter drops, Blink if she paws at her eyes but we see no redness.  Annabelle also struggles with allergies and right now, we seem to be controlling the allergies with the GentaVed Topical Spray used once a day on her feet and any other areas that seem to be bothering her.  

Annabelle loves to be held and is the best cuddlier.  Her coat is soft and thick.  She will find her foster mom and paw at her leg to be held.  It is so special.  For the most part she is happy to lay in her bed.  But we can tell she enjoys knowing people are close by.


Annabelle eats well, but can skip meals.  We do monitor this.  She seems healthy and VERY INDEPENDENT!    


Annabelle is completely blind, but LOVES to be outside.  She will explore in the yard for an hour, depending on the weather.  She know how to find the patio door and will paw at it to go outside.  We do have a little fence on our porch that she follows to the doggy door, but she has learned the steps and the ramp to get access to the yard.  We laugh at ourselves as we rush to turn on the outside lights for her!  Annabelle sometimes go outside and then wants to come back inside quickly...or she may want to stay outside for as much as an hour.  She has learned our yard and besides ant hills or any other critters that may unexpectedly bother her, she does not want to be bothered.  Annabelle needs a secure yard and someone to open the door for her.  We do block her from the doggy door that goes from the house to outside, because we do not want her to go out on her own...and she would!


We do see signs that Annabelle can hear a little.  However, when we call her, she usually heads off in the opposite direction.  


Annabelle use to get her foster mom up during the night to use the bathroom, but she now sleeps with a pee pad and water close by.  We do hear her up during the night, but she no longer whines or tries to climb out of her pen.  


She is doing great but she has gotten settled in her foster home.  She always has her little bed in the same spot and she knows where all the water bowls are!  And Annabelle loves her foster brother Scruffy.  There is one picture of them together, Scruffy has the little blue plaid jacket on. 


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I love my Virtual Adopters! SARAH & FRANK K