About Me

Name: Sir Winston Bark Bark
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Poodle (Standard) (long coat)
Weight: 50.7 lb
Height: 24 in
Estimated Birthdate: 9/13/2016
Fence Needed: Yes
Location: Foster Home in Pacolet, SC
Adoption Fee:$499

My Story

Date into Rescue: 9/13/2019

Reason for being in rescue: Lovingly surrendered by owner

Special Needs: No medical needs. Winston needs an experienced owner and a lot of exercise

What kind of home would be best for me: Sir Winston Bark Bark needs a home where someone is home during the day or where he can go to work with you. Winston needs to be the only dog in the home. 

What is my personality like: Sir Winston Bark Bark is a classic velcro dog. Given his past, we cannot blame him. For the first 6 months of his life Winston was a family pet. He had a mom and a dad and human brothers and sisters. Life changed for his family and rather than admitting they needed help, his family kept this boy locked away in the basement with little to no time outside and little to no human affection. Thank goodness for an animal lover who knew Winston needed help and took it upon herself to do so.

For the first month (Aug 19) Winston recovered in a loving foster home. He's been through a month of treatment for severe infections. He's put on much-needed weight and gotten plenty of exercise. Most importantly, he has been loved beyond measure and received the human affection he so desires and needs. After the first month, Winston transferred to our farm and now lives with our director. 

Winston is beautiful.  He's big and bold and confident. His gait is gorgeous, and he's got that long, ground eating stride that looks like he's floating.  . His parti markings attract attention everywhere you take him. He is happy to greet new faces with a smile and a tail wag. 

How do I act when I first meet new people: Friendly

Tips and Tidbits: Sir Winston's estimated birthday is 09/13/2016.  The good - Winston is a wonderful boy one on one with a strong owner. He bonds quickly to his human, and gives his whole heart completely. He is always by my side or at my feet, even eating dinner. He does not beg at the table at all but he's been known to put his head on my knee and look longily at me if the smells coming from my plate are somethign he thinks he's interested in. 

The challenges - He is getting better but he can still be very spicy with other dogs large and small.  At my home he has no choice but to live with and get along with multiple dogs and he's doing it but I watch him closely and my dogs are all pack savvy, comfortable with each other and very, very rarely alone.  He does not respond to my normal correction cues, not even voice, if he's way "up" in excitement.  I occasionally use a party air horn to make a loud noise when the kids get riled up and rather than breaking the chain of behavior and getting his focus back on me as it does all the other dogs, it makes him even more agitated . If he gets really wound up I have to be very careful with my body language and do a ignore/cross my arms over my chest and just stand there to insure I give him nothing to get excited about as even walking at that point will cause him to jump around like an idiot and try to mouth my arm.  Again he's getting better especially after neuter but he's going to have to have a strong, strong leader who understands dog body language and can help him get through this. He also needs a ton of exercise.  We're doing 3 miles at a 14 minute mile trot and that will wear him out but nothing else does. He would be great with someone who wanted to bicycle with him.  I chalk it all up to two years with little or no socialization.  He wants to be a good boy but he does not know how yet.  And after two years in virtual solitary confinement, everything excites him. With time and attention he will be awesome but he needs ALL your love.  He craves it.

House trained: Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn't keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

Potential Adopters

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