About Me

Name: Dinky
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Estimated Birthdate: 12/6/2009
Height: Est 11” at the shoulder
Weight: About 7 lbs
Good with dogs: yes
Good with men: Yes, for the right person
Good with women: yes, for the right person
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: no
Must have fenced in yard: no


Dinky is a very special boy, with a unique, special story.  The day before Thanksgiving (2013), a lady came to the farm with this little boy, pleading for help. She was having some life challenges and could not keep him anymore. She'd had him since he was a puppy. Although we have trouble placing Chihuahua’s, we could not let this little guy be homeless on Thanksgiving.

Almost immediately after taking him in, Dinky began to grieve. He (literally) starved himself nearly to death. We took him to the vet to find out why he was a bag of bones, and why he would not eat. His test results came back almost perfect, the vet said that starving themselves due to depression is common in this breed. We reached out for help ASAP, and found a foster home for him. It wasn't an easy few weeks but about a month into life in his foster home, Dinky perked up and put on some weight.  However, the better he felt the worse he acted. 

True to the breed, Dinky started resource guarding and being snippy with the other dogs in the foster home, resulting in his return to Carolina Poodle Rescue. 

We're all pretty determined when it comes to making animals happy so Dinky was a challenge that was accepted by our caregivers.  It took a while, but Dinky finally figured out that home needed to be where people wanted him, not where he wanted to be.  Dinky attached to one of our staff and now lives happily in Melinda's office, often assisting with tending the very challenging medical dogs that Melinda is responsible for. 

There are many good things about Dinky.  He loves to ride in a car.  In the first few miles, he looks around with interest, taking in the new scenery.  After he’s assured himself that he’s actually going somewhere, he’ll settle down in his pilot’s lap for a long nap.  He could ride all day.

Dinky walks well both on and off leash.  He has an excellent command of many voice cues including come, stay, come inside, no, and go to your kennel.  He listens well when he wants to.  In fact, Dinky is an absolute joy to be around when he wants to be . However, if he’s in one of those moods watch out.  His Chihuahua comes out.  I’ve been run out of “his” office on many occasions when Dinky wanted privacy.

Another plus is his ability to be clean. Dinky is housetrained and that is saying something for a dog that lives on a dog sanctuary with many other dogs around him.  He also loves toys and can often be found with a soft squeaky toy in his mouth.  He loves them so much, he also tends to hoard them in his crate and heaven help the caregiver who tries to take them out.  Those are mine and like a leprechaun and his pot of gold, he does not want to be separated.

Dinky has learned that other dogs aren’t so bad and he now peacefully co-exists with many.  His eating habits are still a bit different.  He loves people food and can often be found begging at lunchtime. If he received gift certificates to McDonald’s he’d be the happiest Chihuahua on earth.  Sometimes when he’s having a bad day, we’ve also found that enticing him with chicken and rice will prompt him to eat again. Pupperoni is another favorite and he’d probably live on treats if we’d let him.   He still needs to gain weight but we’re not seeing the rapid loss of weight when he first came in. 

Dinky has some behavior quirks and will probably always have them.  We'll keep looking for that perfect home but if we're it, then that's okay too.  With your help, we can give him what he needs.


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