About Me

Name: Stark
Gender: Male
Breed: Collie Mix
Estimated Birthdate: 2/3/2012
Height: est. 20 inches
Weight: about 44 lbs
Good with dogs: yes
Good with men: loves 'em
Good with women: loves 'em
House trained: working on it
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: working on it
Must have fenced in yard: yes


Stark was hit by a car in Greenville and found himself at the shelter, his time was running out so he came to CPR.

We all like the herding dogs and they get along well with poodles so when no one spoke for the injured collie mix on the urgent medical needs list, we did.  We knew a few details on Stark including that he was recovering from being hit by a car but his wounds were not life threatening and no bones were broken. 

However, the shelter neglected to mention one thing - he's also mostly blind.

Stark lives in a world of light and shadows.  He is fearful of new things and you can tell that he sees with his ears.  Sound is his best friend, alerting him to what is where and who is who.  When you walk in the kennel, the first thing to do is to say hello to Stark.  Once he hears your voice, he relaxes and knows a friend has come to see him.  He's keenly aware of everything going on around him by sound and by smell.  

Stark likes his fluffy beds and he finds his food and water bowls with no problem.  He's filled out since coming to the farm and will even take a treat from your hand if you hold it near his nose so he can smell it.  He tolerates affection and allows petting but he does not ask for it.  Whatever experiences  with people Stark had in his previous life, it wasn't good but slowly, we're winning his trust. 

Stark asks so little of this world - a warm place to sleep, a few meals and some treats.  Other than that he is content to be more of an observer than a participant. 


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