About Me

Name: Stella
Gender: Female
Breed: Great Dane
Estimated Birthdate: 4/2/2010
Height: est 30 inches
Weight: about 95 lbs
Good with dogs: she is dog selective
Good with men/women: once she warms up to you
House trained: working on it
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: working on it
Must have fenced in yard: she would do great with with a fence or without 


What can we say about a big spotty girl with lot and lots of attitude.  Stella came to CPR because of her health but she's still with us because of her behavior.  Stella can't be trusted with people she does not know.  That's the key - if Stella knows you and you're a firm and experienced handler, she's your best friend.  If not, watch out. 

Stella has many good qualities and is a fun dog to be around if she has accepted you.  She is stunningly good looking, a large girl with a large heart for those she loves and trusts. For those she loves she gives hugs and smiles.

Stella loves toys and she can be found collecting so she can keep them tidy and neat.  She's a hoarder but not really for any caregiver can walk in at any time and help themselves to her toy collection and she's happy to share.  Leave it laying on the kennel floor and she'll fetch it and put it back where it belongs, in her run.  She's a very neat girl. 

Stella loves to play with other dogs and she'll romp and play just like a standard poodle and she can run and jump, wrestle and roll with the best of them.  Stella has never met a dog she didn't like and she especially seems to like poodles and doodles.

It's people that drive her a bit crazy and we don't know why.  We've had her checked from top to toe and no physical issues.  She eats grain free food to keep her skin fresh and healthy but other than that, she is as healthy now as she can possibly be.  Eye sight was suspected but it's just fine.  So is her hearing.  But there is something about certain people that sets her off and when that happens, Stella uses her teeth. As she gets older she is slowing down and learning to except people. She has a heart of gold. 

Although Stella has a past.. We have not had any problems with her the past year, but she does  bark loudly at people she is not familiar with or that she may not like.. She really is a good girl, with a heart of gold. It's just a matter of winning her over! Treats are a great way to get her over on your side. You have to be patient but also firm and have a healthy balance of both. Stella will often let you know when she is uncomfortable in new situations or with new people.. she will bark or she will just sit down and not move, it is important to not push her but be patient with her and try to understand why she is nervous. She knows how to sit on command and also gives hugs.


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