Carolina Poodle Rescue


Cataract dogs are back!


Fixing cataracts is a two step process. The first is to find out if they are fixable.  When we take a dog to the canine eye doctor we find out that

(1) one or both eyes have cataracts that can be removed, restoring sight OR

(2) there is something going on behind the cataracts that means the eyesight can't be restored OR

(3) the dog is older than we thought/were told and the cataracts are growing so slowly that surgery isn't necessary.  

Carolina Poodle Rescue has a passion for fixing what is broken and we share that with our community and supporters. With your help, we can give these dogs new lives. With their eye sight restored, their chances of finding a new forever home increase exponentially. And with the support of their foster families, they have the opportunity to heal and become whole in their foster homes before they find their forever homes.

These are just 4 of the 20 dogs who need cataract surgery. Each dog needs around $ 2,000 to restore the sight in one or both of their eyes. This an ambitious goal for a most ambitious fundraiser. Over the first few months of the new year, we will be focused on raising the money that they need.

Will you help us? If we can find 1,600 people to give $ 25 each, we can give these dogs an incredible gift. You can help us change lives!

With 2016 ending, this is the perfect time for donations before the new year. And, as the dogs receive their surgery, we keep the CPR community updated so that you can see the amazing changes as they happen. 


Evangeline, or Vangie, as she is affectionately called in her foster home, is a complete delight. Her spirits are always calm and well balanced yet friendly. Whether resting in an available bed or quietly at your feet, Vangie expertly lets everyone know that there is no time like the present for a long belly rub. While generally quiet, she doesn't miss an opportunity for a good pack bark with her foster siblings.

Vangie, maintains her hour glass figure by dancing with joy when her people come home and taking long strolls in the yard with her friends. One of her favorite hobbies is basking in the sun. Evangeline ended up in a shelter in South Carolina. We don't know why or how. Her foster mom's vet thinks that Evangeline is at most 7 years old.

This sweet boy is Tater and he is only around 6 years old. He was an owner release with no reason given for why he was being surrendered.

He's quiet guy who loves a lap to snuggle in. He just wants to be with people and he loves everybody that he meets. He does well with other dogs but he prefers dogs who are like him and are not super active.

Anna comes from a hoarding situation but she is not representative of where she came from. She is very loving and super sweet.

She enjoys her days lying under the sky light on her favorite blanket. Day by day, she is beginning to play more. When she is running or walking she tilts her head to the right so she can see us with her good eye.

Her foster parents know how the cataract corrective surgery will greatly improve her quality of life. This girl deserves to see all the beauty that is around her because all she adds is happiness and beauty to the world. She is a Maltese and around 7 years old.

Appy was picked up as a stray 9 months ago and landed himself at Cumberland County Animal Control. Normally that would be a death sentence for an old, blind dog, but Carolina Poodle Rescue pulled him out and he got to go to a nice, quiet foster home where he can enjoy a slower pace of life.

Once his foster mom found out that Appy was a candidate for surgery, she started raising money for him. His foster mom asked neighbors and co-workers for donations; she held a dog wash for all Appy's canine friends and Appy even helped his foster mom hold an online clothing sale! Thanks to his fundraisers and the generous donations of CPR Friends and Family, he has officially raised the $ 2,000 needed for his eye surgery!

Even though Appy has the money he needs, he hopes you will donate $ 25 to help his friends so they can see again, too! You can see why Appy knows that foster homes rock!

For these dogs, life is in the dark. Many are older, some are young and have developed juvenile cataracts, and their chances of finding a home to live out their lives is slim enough without their vision also against them. Help us raise the odds for these dogs. We know there are angels out there who helped in the earlier campaign and we hope this one will inspire you as well.

$ 25 dollars for 20 dogs. Another way to help is to share this email--forward it to 20 friends or post it on social media. Help us spread the word!

To donate, please visit our donation page and let us know that it's for the gift of sight!