Sabrina is ready to share her heart with you.

Sadly we do not have much history on Sabrina, however if her behavior is indicative of her past…it was not a positive one. I will never forget the day we picked her up. We were actually going to the shelter to pick up another few dogs, and we saw Sabrina. She was hairless, crusty and absolutely petrified….and of course, on the Euthanasia list. Touching her bare-handed was not an option.

We got her back to the farm where we started making progress. We treated her skin for allergies and it took several months but she has finally grown a full coat back!! She is great with other dogs and has turned into a happy gal. She has also done well walking on a leash for our caregivers!

Sabrina needs someone who is familiar with chihuahuas as she has a few quirks. Once she trusts you, she is a breeze to deal with. Sabrina only snaps if she gets very frightened (which happens less and less as time goes on). She has never actually bitten anyone.

Sabrina is a sweetheart who is full of life and would really thrive with some one on one attention!

Update 2/9/17 notes from caregiver:  Sabrina is one very sweet girl, but take her out of her comfort zone and she starts to shut down.  She did great walking on a leash, but was very scared of the new dogs around her and in a new environment.  She’s very comfortable in Gretta’s, so when this adorable little girl does get a new home, lots of patience will be the key to get her acclimated to everything new.  She keeps to herself, doesn’t bother a soul, and behaves very well.  A perfect apartment sized dog with a quiet laid back owner would be perfect for Sabrina!

UPDATE: Sabrina is becoming more confident everyday. She is such a sweet girl, and does not have one mean bone in her body. Sometimes when you pick her her up she yelps, more so out of fear than anything else. Once she gets acquainted with you, she wants nothing but love and affection. She gets along great with her fellow doggy friends and usually just lays low. She is very polite, she doesn’t bark much nor does she get in any kind of scruffles with other dogs. Her favorite thing to do is curl up underneath a blanket and snooze the day away.

How I act when I first meet new people: Timid until she gets to know you

House trained?  Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn’t keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours.  We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.