Bailey will be your loyal companion!

Bailey was released by his owners when he did not get along with their child. He needs a patient home that will give him time to trust you. Once Bailey trusts you, he is your best friend. Bailey is food motivated and treats go a long way in building his trust.

I need somewhere with lots of love! Once I know you I just want to lay down and snuggle (and have a little bit of play time!). I want to cuddle with my person as long as they will let me.  I do not do well with children.  They move fast, they grab at you and in general I prefer the over 21 set.

Bailey is a sweetheart with a lot of love to give but he can be confused about people at first. He needs time to adjust but if you give that to him he is a joy to be around.  He is a quiet, well-mannered, sweet boy with playful spurts.  He loves other dogs and would love a playful dog about his size.  Foxy Roxy the SOS dog is my favorite friend and we can romp it up for hours.  I roll with her then she rolls me and then we do it again and again.  Does your canine need a buddy?  I could fill that bill. Bailey enjoys the sunshine on a warm day and happily wears a coat or sweater when the weather is chilly.

Bailey would enjoy the security of a place to run but it’s not absolutely essential. He knows leash manners.  Bailey is crate trained but he still needs reminders not to lift his leg in the house. Bailey is great with a bath but your groomer is also going to need to be patient. He’s great for the body but not the face, feet and private parts!