Special Bella delights everyone she meets!

Bella is a 5 year old miniature daschshund. She is a very sweet dog, great with kids, loves to play and loves to snuggle. In July of 2017, she had 3 discs rupture due to Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Her owners did emergency surgery but it still left her with a lot of nerve damage. The family began rehab sessions, but due to having a new baby and limited finances, they could not continue the rehab.

Bella has a wheelchair and has shown significant improvement by moving her back legs in her wheelchair. She loves to run in her wheelchair and play fetch with her tennis ball!

Bella needs to have her bladder expressed several times a day. She also does not have the inner strength to hold her poop, so that can happen at any time. If her nerves ever get more stimulated, there is a chance this could improve. We have been giving Bella a product called NZymes which seems to have helped alot.

The ideal home for Bella would be one that can allow her to roam more free and more frequently in her wheelchair. Also someone that can work with her and possibly continue some rehab, whether at a facility or by doing at home rehab exercises. Someone that will love her unconditionally and have patience with the fact that she is incontinent. Someone that will play with her and give her a great rest of her life!