Hey You! Standard Poodle Lovers!! I am FANTASTIC!

Boone has a wonderful demeanor that reveals itself over time. At first glance he seems to stand back and take you in, but once he is comfortable he is a complete ham! He loves for you to sit in the floor with him and pet him. He will try to snuggle his head on your chest but he’s just too big for that.

Boone knows some basic command, but follows them on his terms. Except on a leash. This boy is happiest when he is out for a walk or a run. He is amazing on a leash and walks right by your side like a perfectly trained gentleman! His ears perk up with squeaky toys but other than that he does not show any interest. Boone is full of life and personality – equal parts mild mannered and playful. What a perfect combination!

Boone is a regal boy looking for his forever home. He has always lived with another dog and at first was especially partial to females – but now he likes everybody. Boone’s ideal home has another large dog that will enjoy playing and resting with a canine companion. Boone does not do well with small dogs or cats. He can easily be around small dogs and cats but under supervision, not living in the home with him.

Boone will need some assistance with house training. He was intact for a long time and needs to learn not to mark in the house. He looks awesome in an extra large belly band. August 2019 update – Boone has been with us several months and has really come out of his shell.  Note he got a new fancy haircut this week – a German trim – and he thinks he looks amazing!  So do we.