Dogs come to Carolina Poodle Rescue via many sources. Surprisingly to many, breeders are one of these sources. CPR is a valuable resource for breeders looking to retire their dogs and ensure they go to loving homes. By saying yes, we prevent these dogs from being sold to other breeders, landing in shelters, or sadly in many cases, being euthanized when they can no longer perform their “job”.

Gigi is a retired breeder dog. We have no idea how many litters of puppies she may have had in her 5 short years. We do know that are breeding days are officially over! Gigi is one of the luckier breeding dogs. Though she is under-socialized, she has been shown love and affection. She has spent time in a lap and in the arms of children.

Gigi is shy at first but opens up very quickly. There is nothing she loves more than attention! She is the type of dog that constantly wants to be by your side and give you kisses. She gets along great with other dogs but doesn’t do well sharing the spotlight. She will quickly interrupt any other dog that gets in her way and will try to push them out of the way, (not aggressively).

Gigi can scale a chain link like it’s a set of easy stairs. When Gigi scales a fence she is not doing so to get out – she is trying to get to wherever her folks are. Gigi does not know basic commands, but she is treat motivated. She is patiently waiting for her forever lap to curl up in!

Gigi is patiently waiting for her forever lap to curl up in! Could this lap be yours?