Hey You! Doodle Lovers! Want to be friends?! I love friends!!

Mitch is reportedly a double doodle.  His mom was a golden doodle and his dad was a labradoodle.  He apparently got more golden and more lab because he does shed.  If you have allergies to dog fur this may not be the guy you need.  But if you want a fun dog with a great personality, wavy black hair and a real comedian that will require regular brushing but not regular professional grooming, he’s your guy.

Mitch does not realize how big he is. He is 80 lbs of all dog with a lot of love to give. He will attempt to sit on your lap, and will love on you for as long as you let him. He loves to rub against your leg and twirls around doing so. He is a total ham!

Mitch is a young dog.  We don’t have an exact birthdate but think he is about a year and a half old so have given him a birthdate of 12/5/17.  Mitch does okay on a leash, but he walks in front of you or basically steps on your feet and has no sense of direction!  Leash walking could use some experience! Behind a fence, seeing new people and new things he barks but outside of the fence he does not bark while still remaining interested. He does know how to sit.  He is not picky about treats and takes them gentle for a guy of his size and demeanor.

He did not care much for the toys, he was far more interested in interacting with humans. He does really well with Ann Margaret, a lady standard poodle he is living with.  She is easy going and more  mature so he follows her lead.  With another younger standard who was trying to lick his face he was less than thrilled.  He likes some space with other dogs.