Shadow Man, Shadow Man, Does whatever a Shadow can… He can run. He can play. He’s got aerodynamic ways. Watch out – here comes Shadow Man!! (sung to the tune of Spiderman 😊)

At 5 years old, Shadow is one of the youngest members of our SOS club. He was surrendered by his owners due to resource guarding behavior. And while he can guard with the best of them, his behavior has improved tremendously, and his forever home will manage this for the rest of his life.

This teeny dynamo is lots and lots of dog in a compact little body.  He’s cocky, self-confident and easy to love and give love in return.  He loves being picked up and cuddled but the big problem comes when you want to move and he does not.  We’re working on this and it may be a while before he re-earns lap time.  He loves other dogs and enjoys playing and hanging out although he’ll do some dominating if the other dogs allow it.  He could be a companion dog to another confident dog or he would be fine as an only dog as long as someone is home at least 1/2 of the day.

Shadow needs an owner who understands that small does not mean easy.  When he respects you, he can be easy, very easy and he’s affectionate and wants your time and love and to give back in return.  But if you let him push you around, he will.  We’re looking for someone who really understands that is like to be the calm leader to a tiny tyrant – so he can relax and stop worrying about being the leader because he’s got a good one in you.  ADULT ONLY HOME

Shadow is currently living in foster as a member of the Ezzell pack. He runs happily with the big poodles, ears flapping in the wind.  We know the right home is out there for this tiny wonder. If you are interested in supporting Shadow Man or know an experienced owner who would love a little dynamo, please reach out to our team at We would love to tell you more!