A Love Story from Dreamweaver Farms

Oreo & Dawson

February 14, 2019 – the international day of love! When you’re a dog, love is everyday.

CPR is unapologetically in the human-dog love connection business. While dogs wait patiently at Dreamweaver Farms for their forever homes, some dogs become forever friends. Dawson and Oreo are two kindred spirits who celebrate the love of friendship daily.

Oreo is a fun loving girl who has played for two years in the big field at the farm. She is always eager to greet people, run and stretch on the cool grass. Being a little older and mature has benefits for a younger dog like Dawson.

Dawson came to CPR last summer and is estimated to be around 1.5 years old. He’s a big shepherd husky mix who really thinks he is small like his foster poodle sisters. Dawson works really hard to not greet everyone with paws on their shoulders and big kisses, but golly gee what’s a pup to do with so much love?

Dawson lives with our groomer and comes each day to the farm. While Dawson is at the farm, he hits the field and that’s where our best friends met. After several years of romping the big fields, Oreo has some seniority in the big dog area. It became clear this summer, Oreo and Dawson were smitten. Dawson melted into affectionate play as Oreo gladly showed this young pup a thing or two in the field.

Dawson gets out his big puppy energy and personality while playing with Oreo. Oreo will gladly wait and roll over as Dawson lunges for an ear tug. Oreo responds to Dawson with the same vigor and joy as she playfully ducks his moves. Oreo is the steady friend while Dawson’s exuberance does not outpace her attention or patience.

Oreo and Dawson are each waiting for their forever homes. Yet, the big field is all theirs for now. Their friendship charms onlookers, but the message between them is simple,”You are mine.”


– Tina Busick, CPR Volunteer