The Stories of SOS

We all have stories.

Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) and its Saving our Seniors (SOS) program are no different.

It’s home to 85 dogs who have managed to find their way to the CPR farm, and that’s 85 different stories in the Seniors and Special Needs chapter of the rescue.

Through no fault of their own, a dog’s story begins long before arriving at the farm. Sometimes, these stories start in kill-shelters because the dog’s owner could no longer afford the medical bills. Or, the family has to move, and for one reason or another, the dog can’t join them. Sometimes, these dogs are set in their ways or can be a little persnickety, i.e., too much to handle for some folks.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 states, what has been will be again; what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. There are no surprises with regard to how these dogs end up at Carolina Poodle Rescue. And, it’s not surprising that no matter the story, love is the constant theme when it comes to caring for the dogs.

The SOS program aims to give these guys and gals a place to sleep, food and treats, access to medical care and a loving staff that showers them with attention. Some dogs see temporary stays, and some see forever stays. All receive the same amount of care and attention that they deserve.

And, they’re ready to tell their story to you.

You have your stories

Rescuers of CPR’s SOS dogs have their own stories. Some might have recently lost their family’s companion, and they have more love to give. Some aren’t quite sure if an older or special needs’ dog is the direction they want to go, but they’re open to helping in any way. Some will have questions about whether they can handle the SOS dog who might have issues with incontinence, aggression or, regrettably, a short-time left with us.

But, like all good stories, we need enticement to turn the page to learn what’s the next chapter in our lives. Maybe you didn’t know how much you were missing the cold nose of a blind dog that nuzzles you when you get home; the bark of a little old guy who’s excited because he’s about to be fed; or the snores of a little old girl who’s comfortable in your lap.

By visiting here, you can learn more about the SOS program and how you can help, whether it’s to adopt, foster or to simply donate.

If you do have questions, the SOS family of volunteers, fosters and adopters are one big community that understands what it takes to care for an SOS dog. You are not alone.

And, with our SOS boys and girls, you won’t be alone.

And, you’ll be able to write the next story of your life.


– Michael Rudd