I’m A Survivor: Katniss’s Story

Survivor. That’s the best way to describe Katniss. Just like her movie namesake, Katniss was born into a world that is far, far different from our own and the difference was one of born of fear and ignorance.

Katniss was born to a hoarder in the hills of Virginia. The little dogs saw few, if any people, other than their owner. There was no vet care and no one keeping check on the breeding.

When the owner died, It was a page straight out of a bad B grade horror movie. We have no idea how long the little dogs lived with no food or water. We do know several of the dogs were found dead in the home. The rest were shocked, fearful and distrusting of the humans who came for them.

Of the 7 dogs rescued that day, only 2 so far have made the transition to cherished pet. 5 more, including Katniss, are still learning humans are okay. Katniss is the youngest. We think she is about 2 years old.

Being youngest in a hoarder home is not a good thing. It usually means inbreeding and inbreeding means genetic problems. Katniss has a big one. It’s called luxating patella and very simply, it means she has trick knees.

Everything that walks upright needs a knee to do it right. Because Katniss has never had good knees, she does not understand she is different. She knows to pick her playmates carefully and to enjoy the company of dogs who are gentle. She also knows that it’s okay to lay around and soak up the sun as a lady of leisure. But at her age she should be able to do much more.

We would like to give Katniss a chance to learn about life on four good legs. Our biathalon team is willing to run for Katniss, who can not run at all. Our request is a simple $16 donation, a dollar for each of our runners, and every penny goes to Luna’s Legacy Medical Fund. We’re doing it for Katniss and for all the others who have no choice but to live a half life existence … until we change that.

To donate, text Luna to 41444 and indicate it’s for the biathalon dogs or visit the direct online link at https://app.mobilecause.com/form/PQn6Cg

Or visit our webpage at http://carolinapoodlerescue.org/donation/ for PayPal and check options.

Thank you .. we do what we do only because of you.❤️🐾