About Me

Name: Happy Rose
Gender: Female
Breed: Hound / Pit Bull Mix
Estimated Birthdate: 11/15/2011
Height: unknown
Weight: 62 lbs (I am on a diet!)
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with men: Yes
Good with women: Yes
House trained: No
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: Yes
Must have fenced in yard: Yes


Happy was pulled from a NC shelter where she landed after being seized from her original owners for cruelty. Happy Rose has only one request - please feed me regularly.  

Happy is a simple girl who likes the simple things in life.  She wants a warm spot by the fire, a few walks a day and to be important enough to you to take care of her. Turns out that Happy Rose knows how to sit and give paw. She loves belly rubs and long walks around new places she can sniff out. You can do any and everything to this girl and she would still remain true to her name, Happy!

Happy was seized and her first owners cited for cruelty for starving her.  Then the shelter who had her declared she had to be put down because they had no room and they had held her too long.  The very nice people who first alerted animal control to Happy panicked and reached out to us. She is not our normal type of dog - but she was a dog in need and two of our volunteers had been deeply touched by her story and felt she was worth saving. 

Happy is heartworm positive (HW+). She will be sent home with a year's supply of heartworm prevention medication. She is being treated for her heartworms with a method called the slow kill treatment. She takes a monthly Ivermectin based heartworm preventative and needs to be re-tested for heartworms every 6 months. Once she tests negative, then she can take any kind of heartworm preventative; she is not restricted to Ivermectin based only. BEFORE CONSIDERING A HEARTWORM POSITIVE DOG, PLEASE TALK TO YOUR VET OR THEIR SUGGESTED PROTOCOLS AND CHECK COSTS.  Happy is also an epileptic.  She is controlled with phenobarbital.  


Can’t have a dog of your own? Have a soft spot for old, sick or hard to place dogs? It only takes a $20 a month donation for me to be your virtual dog! I need at least 10 virtual adopters (sponsors) to help cover my monthly costs.  If I have medical challenges I need even more! r having to leave your home, you can have your very own online dog that will send you update emails, make Facebook posts, and be eternally grateful for your support!  Go to the donate link at the top of the page for instructions as to how to donate. Questions?  Email:

I love my Virtual Adopters! PAMELA F, MERRIE L, LEE ANNE S