About Me

Name: Sasha
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Siberian Husky (long coat)
Weight: est 45 lbs
Height: est 22 in
Estimated Birthdate: 5/23/2017
Fence Needed: Yes without exception.  4' chain link is fine. She is not a climber although she likes to see if she can find the moles in the yard.  A fenced in yard is not for you to leave your dog outside in it all day with no protection and with no human interaction.  It is your dog's safe space for romping, playing and being the free spirited creature all dogs were meant to be - with you right there enjoying the time together with your canine best friend.  
Location: Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC
Adoption Fee:$300

My Story

Date into Rescue: 5/23/2019

Reason for being in rescue: Owner release- Owner does not want.

Special Needs:  Sasha came to us grossly underweight and with heartworms.  Her foster mom has been working with her and her weight is back up to normal.  Sasha is being treated with the soft kill method of heartworm treatment (monthly Heartguard only) and is now testing Heartworm negative.

What kind of home would be best for me:  Not for a first time dog owner.  Sasha has came a long way since coming to CPR and going to foster with our groomer, Amanda. She is a lot of dog, with a lot of energy, intelligence and curiosity.  The husky breed is not for the faint of heart although with the right owner, she will thrive. She has with our groomer, a very experienced dog owner.  Sasha needs a home with no children under the age of 15.  She has a strong personality and a can be a bit of a challenge.  Her previous owner did not give her the structure and discipline she needed so we're correcting all of that.  

Sasha would do best in a home where there are no small dogs - it's not that she's mean or aggressive, but she is large and she likes her personal space.  She co-exists now with several small dogs who are clingy/spoiled and don't know boundaries and she routinely corrects them and tells them to get out of her space.  She simply does not want to share her home with little, irritating ankle biters.  Large dogs are another subject all together.  Her best friend is Dawson, an extra large shepherd mix who is also up for adoption.  They would love to go together if you want two.  They romp, play, run and wrestle and have a grand old time. With a dog her energy and size levels, she is an amazing companion dog.  

What is my personality like:  Intelligent - inquisitive - a little bit naughty and a little bit nice!  Sasha loves people, and loves when anyone has food or treats! Trash can mining is a favorite past time.  Sasha can not be left alone when her foster mom goes out.  Unsupervised in the house, all that intelligence and inquisitive nature comes full force and she will get into something. You won't be happy with what she finds to get into.  

If Sasha was a human, she may have ended up in military school to learn that it's okay to say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am and that discipline and routine are good life arrangements that give you confidence.  She also needs someone who is experienced in basic training and would love to be involved in a dog sport like nosework or weight pull.  Sasha still has some quirks and needs to be consistently and gently reminded that she does not rule the house.  Sasha is crate trained, walks well on a leash and has the most stunning blue eyes you've ever seen.

Sasha loves to be outside, so exercise is a must for her. She is pretty good about strangers also, she is just a very curious dog and wants to sniff and smell to see where you have been! 

How do I act when I first meet new people: Friendly - she greets people nicely and politely. She's not a run up and jump on you kind of girl.  She allows loving and petting but she does not need it unless she is trying to get you up so she can go out - she's definitely a morning girl and she's all over you.  She is not a stuffed animal to be squeezed on.  She has her own dance space and wants you to stay in your space and she will stay in hers.  If you invade her space, she will tell you she doesn't like it by air snapping at you. She also can be food aggressive at times with other dogs. She has never been aggressive with humans but her foster mom also does not take food away once it's given. Remember, Sasha was grossly underweight when coming to CPR .At some time in her life, food was not guaranteed. She remembers.  She takes treats with a lot of enthusiasm and you have to watch your hands!  However, she eats a reasonable pace and does not bolt her food. 

Tips and Tidbits: Est Birthdate 5/23/2017.  

House trained: Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn't keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

Potential Adopters

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