About Me

Name: Molly Warner
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Spaniel / Mixed (medium coat)
Weight: 14 lb
Height: 14 in at the shoulder
Estimated Birthdate: 1/4/2018
Fence Needed: Because of her vision challenges and the behavior challenges that brings, Molly must have a traditional single family stand alone home and a fenced in yard. She has no fear of the outside and will bolt out the door and she will bark at lots of little sounds that she can hear but you can not. This would make apartment dwelling difficult.  
Location: Glenn and Nancy in Spartanburg - meet and greet's will be at Dreamweaver Farms Pacolet SC
Adoption Fee:$200

My Story

Date into Rescue: 1/4/2021

Reason for being in rescue: owner release

Special Needs: Molly is significantly vision impaired - a condition called PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).  She saw an ophthalmologist who has confirmed that her condition, which is not getting worse, will also not get better . Molly's vision does not bother her.  Her eyes appear clear.  She is comfortable in areas that she knows with objects that do not move.  Once she knows her area, if you did not know there was a vision problem, you would not know there were challenges. However with things that change place - like her foster cat friends - once they move she can not see them until she bumps into them.   She appears capable of seeing light and she is much more comfortable with her surroundings if she is in full sun or in the house, she prefers the lights to be on.  Molly is allergic to fleas and must have excellent flea control. She may have some other allergies and needs good quality food at all times.  

What kind of home would be best for me: Molly's best home will first of all, have a small canine buddy for her to play with. She loves to play with her foster brother, a large collie, but foster is a senior and he is not amused or interested - although he is gentle.  Molly's best owner could work full time as long as there is her canine BFF to play with during the day, a mid-day potty break and then a long walk for sniffing fun, capped off by a lap cuddle at the end of the day.  Molly does not need someone who has a lot of experience in training dogs. She's easy and sweet.  But she needs someone who will realize that she is handicapable - not handicapped.  Molly does not know life with perfect vision so this is all good for her.  

Molly needs a house.  An apartment or townhome dweller will not work - she barks at lots of little noises and that will irritate your neighbors.  She loves to be outside.  On nice days, Molly's foster mom leaves the back door open and Molly can come and go at will. She often can be found sunning herself or tearing around the yard playing with the leaves or her toys.  Molly has a lot of energy and she does go fast and will head out a door without hesitate or any worry about what is on the other side. Molly also need someone who is quiet.  She is extremely responsive to noise of all kinds because her hearing is more acute than other dogs - and since dogs hear better than we do, that is really saying something.  Molly will respond with barking even to a piece of paper being laid on the counter until she is given her quiet cue of "Molly, it's okay."  

What is my personality like: Molly is a loving, outgoing and affectionate dog who loves people and loves to be with her people. She listens carefully to what her human is saying and tries to be compliant and happy.  She currently knows to come when called and her house training is going well.  That is all we've worried about so far as come is very important with a vision impaired dog.  She pulls on a leash so we're trying a front walk harness to see if that helps.  

Molly eats grass!  She had anal glands expressed 1/29 and most likely needs this done at least once a quarter.  Your vet will guide you on this.  Molly is highly allergic to fleas and needs good flea control at all times.  A good relationship with a vet will be essential for Molly.  She does not need a professional groomer and can be bathed at home.  

How do I act when I first meet new people:  Molly will be a bit uncertain at first - so say her name.  She will not approach strangers until they say her name. We do not think Molly's sense of smell is very acute but her hearing is fabulous.  So say her name and greet her with a smile in your voice and Molly will know you are a friend.  On the sense of smell - it does not mean she does not like to smell. She does ! When she is outside she is all over, wanting to sniff and investigate all the wonderful, unique smells that are in her world.  

Tips and Tidbits: 1/4/2018 est birthdate.  Molly is good with kids.  Her foster parents have a 12 year old grandson who visits daily and Molly always enjoys play time with Ben.  She is good with cats but they are not good with her because she bumps into them.  Since she does not see them, they get irritated. All her foster cat siblings are "finicky females" and are older so they get irritated at the youngster who just wants to play.  

Molly will beg at the table but her foster parents ignore her. After just a bit, she finds her bed and settles down.  She knows not to jump in your lap when you are at a table eating, but when your on a couch or chair, make a lap.  Molly is coming up. She's a big jumper and can easily make that leap.  Molly currently sleeps on a dog bed in the sunroom with her foster siblings, canine and feline. She also likes her kennel and slept in her kennel until she was house trained. Then she transitioned to her dog bed.  She would love to sleep in the bedroom with her people.  

House trained: Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn't keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

Potential Adopters

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