About Me

Name: Mills Jul 22
Sex: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Poodle (Miniature) / Havanese / Mixed (long coat)
Weight: 25 lb
Height: 13 in
Estimated Birthdate: 7/14/2017
Fence Needed: No
Location: Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC
Adoption Fee:$349

My Story

Date into Rescue: 7/14/2022

Reason for being in rescue: Found as a stray

Special Needs: Mills has been neutered and had his teeth polished.  He is microchipped, has his core vaccines and is heartworm negative.  He had dew claws which we had removed. 

What kind of home would be best for me: Mills will fit himself into a lot of situations as long as he gets love and attention.  He would be happy as the only dog, the center of attention or just as happy with a dog that matches his energy and mood. While he likes to play, he also likes some personal space here and there. No puppies, but matures dogs willing to play or be lazy would be a great match.

What is my personality like: Mills is a black Poodle and possibly Havanese mix (our best guess).  He is out of the puppy stage and well into calm, centered and happy adult  He definitely has a lot of Va-Va-Voom in his soul! 

Mills came to us as a stray so his history is a mystery.  In the time he has been with us, he has been a wonderful pup. He isn't a picky eater and he is extremely food motivated so training this boy will be relatively easy. He enjoyed his car ride to the farm thoroughly and just wanted to snuggle. Mills is the perfect medium size if you want your companion to be not too big, but not too small.  He is also not too active, but not too lazy! He walks well on a leash. He would be the ideal evening stroll partner. No fence required, just plenty of adventures, dog parks and walks for this handsome man!

So you will know that Mills can grow hair, we've included his shelter intake photo as the last photo in his series.  He was badly matted and had to be shaved down to the skin.  It is hair - he will grow more.  By Christmas, no one here will recognize him. He will be beautiful. We won't know until it grows out, but we are hopeful he will be very low shedding if not completely no shedding. we would not say he is hypoallergenic. Havanese are low shedding but not hypoallergenic. 

How do I act when I first meet new people: When Mills was first picked up by animal control, he was described as "skittish" especially during vaccines and exam. We've given him a few weeks to decompress and now his idea of new people is "what fun you are!"  After an enthusiastic meet and greet, he'll ask to sit in your lap. 

Tips and Tidbits: Because Mills was a stray, we are not sure of his exact age.  Our best guess is about 5 years old so we've given him a birthdate of 7/14/2017.  

Amazing personality qualities, PLUS an underbite?! What more could your heart ever desire:  Mills is so ready to meet his forever family and start his new, beautiful life. 

House trained: Dogs can be house trained if they are in the right environment and are allowed to follow a schedule as long as a physical reason doesn't keep them from being trained.  A dog house trained in my home may not be in yours. We will help you teach your new dog this necessary skill and based on your schedule.

Potential Adopters

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