About Me

Name: Whitley
Gender: Female
Breed: Standard Poodle
Estimated Birthdate: 7/25/2008
Height: 22" at shoulder
Weight: 54 lbs
Good with dogs: Sometimes
Good with men: Sometimes
Good with women: Sometimes
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: Yes


Whitley originally came to CPR in February 2011 as an owner surrender. She was adopted quickly, but returned to our rescue in July 2016 when she started displaying resource guarding.

Whitley is very intelligent and loves interacting with people. She does great with positive reinforcement training and has learned a long list of commands. Whitley is also confident, inquisitive and active. She loves to take walks and "explore" the world.

Whitley came to us with a fear or mops and brooms. She's gotten better around these objects while in our care, but does have moments where she'd just rather not be around them. Whitley is HIGHLY food motivated. She will do nearly anything for food! Whitley is good with being groomed and stands nicely on the grooming table.

Whitley resource guards. This is a manageable behavior. We have been successful in breaking her resource guarding habits of objects by "trading up" - meaning we distract her with something else to take her mind off of what she is guarding. Whitley was returned because she bit the owner and her adult son. The bite to the owner occurred when she tried to take away a piece of chicken from her. (It had bones in it, so the owner persisted, even though Whitley had growled and then showed teeth.) The bite to the son occurred when Whitley ran out an open door. He grabbed her by the hips to stop her, and she whirled around and bit him. (We do not know if this was a reflex reaction or intended bite.)

Whitley needs an adult only home. She loves and is great with men and women, but she is not good with children. Whitley needs a home with a dog savvy person, someone confident in their dog handling skills, because Ms. Whitley is going to push the envelope and see what she can and cannot get away with.  Once she is made aware that that behavior is unacceptable and wasn't going to be tolerated, she behaves like the good dog we know she can be. She needs regular exercise to help burn off her typical standard poodle energy. She loves to run in a fenced yard then go for a walk - in that order, so she's better with her leash walking. While Whitley can be around dogs when she is outside and has lived with another dog previously, we are recommending that she be the only dog in her home to avoid any potential issues related to her resource guarding.

Whitley looks a bit messy now but wait til Sunday.  Whitley is one of the dogs that will be groomed by professional groomers competing to bring out the best in their assigned rescue dog!  I can't wait to post the after pictures.


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