About Me

Name: Fifi
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Estimated Birthdate: 11/27/2009
Height: Est 14” at the shoulder
Weight: 18 lbs
Good with dogs: Mostly (I can be picky)
Good with men: Some men
Good with women: yes
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: no
Must have fenced in yard: no


Fifi was abandoned at one of our caregivers’ houses in 2011 and while the caregiver loved her, Fifi and her dog didn't like each other so Fifi came here.  It was shortly afterwards that we found out part of her bad attitude towards other dogs and some people was because she didn't feel good.  She had bladder stones.  Getting those operated on did help her behavior some but Fifi is still a character.

Strong willed, Fifi gets along well with other dogs for the most part but she can be picky about which humans she likes. She loves most women and about half the men she meets are okay too.  In fact, the more time Fifi spends with us, the more people she likes.  That's a good thing. She is notorious for greeting new caregivers with a good nip at first, but overall she genuinely loves most people she meets and wants all the attention and love she can get after that.

Fifi is clean in her crate. She is quiet and content when in her safe place.  She loves to sun bathe on her back, belly up when the sun is out. She is learning to sit on command (hey, treats go a long way with this girl!). She also does well on a leash.

Fifi loves to give love and loves to get love. She's often found in a lap, being patted and petted and giving kisses as much as she gets them.  She loves belly rubs and will roll over and ask whenever she can.  She would love more of that lap time in her life but seems content with what she is getting.

Did I mention she loves to eat? Fifi has never met a meal she didn’t like and this is a very good thing because food motivated dogs are easy to train. Fifi is on a special diet, Science Diet c/d, for bladder stones. As long as she gets her special diet, the stones have stayed away. 

Somewhere out there we all feel there is someone that will love Fifi and she will love them.  We just have to be patient and try to find them.  She would love a home where someone will give her regular, moderate exercise. She will be best in a home without children. In the meantime, Fifi is hanging out with us.


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I love my Virtual Adopters! CINDY C, SANDRA L