About Me

Name: Peanut
Gender: Male
Breed: moyen poodle
Estimated Birthdate: 10/18/2006
Height: est 18 inches
Weight: about 25 lbs
Good with dogs: yes
Good with men and women:  Peanut is good with people but he does take a bit to warm up (see why I am with a rescue group)
House trained: Peanut was housetrained - he will need some reminders but should pick this up again very quickly
Crate trained: no Peanut does not sleep in a crate
Leash trained: he does ok
Must have fenced in yard: no


I loved my family very much but my mother died and my father got really sad. My dad works a lot and I think he does to get away from the pain of loosing his wife. He asked CPR to find me a home to find joy in my life once again.

How I act when I first meet new people: I am not the kind of guy that will just jump on your lap. I stand back and take my time. I give you space and I have my space but eventually we will learn to dance together.

Peanut was very sad when he first came to us and while he is still not a bundle of laughs, he seems to be more content. The good parts is that in the right home he will be house trained as he had that skill once before. He does not need in a crate. He sleeps very contentedly on a doggie bed. He gets along well with all dogs, although if someone pushes his buttons he will make his place known. Right now he is the largest dog of his group and he does fine with anything smaller then him. He knows how to walk on a leash. He use to be very touchy about his body but now that he has the right medication, he is doing much better.

Peanut was very sensitive to touch when he first came to us.  He limped. His feet were not poodle feet because the groomers had been having difficulty with him.  A vet visit the year before for Peanut being so touchy didn't reveal anything but the doctor put him on a pain reliever for limping.  The pain reliever did not come with Peanut and he did not have his vet records at first so it took us a week or so to find out just what was wrong.  That is when we took Peanut to our vet and got a firm diagnosis - Symmetric Lupoid Onychodystrophy or SLO.  SLO affects many adult dogs and before you consider adopting Peanut - please read the following article: 

Peanut has been started on omega 3 fatty acids and previcox to help with the pain. We have the appropriate Vitamin E on order and hope to get it in next week.  He is also now on a grain free food (Canidae) and is doing well.  We're hoping all of this will resolve his SLO and he can move on but if not, the medications he is on are easy to obtain.  We're hoping that the right person will come along who understands that Peanut may take a few pills but in the long run, he'll provide a whole lot of love in exchange for a little bit of support.

My best home - a single woman with no more than one other dog.  A quiet home with time on the couch and some sweet walks around the block. Oh and toys - I love to throw toys around and play. 


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