About Me

Name: Rocky
Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Estimated Birthdate: 1/14/2009
Height: 13" at shoulder
Weight: 16.3 lbs
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with men: No
Good with women: Sometimes
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: No


Rocky was pulled from a local shelter. He was heartworm positive when he joined our rescue and has completed treatment.

Rocky is very unique - and it will take a very special person to adopt him. Rocky has a very strong willed personality, with a mind of his own. He is a live and let live type of boy. Rocky is not good with me, and will attack them.

Rocky is a sweet boy and is so cute! He loves treats. He also loves toys. It’s so adorable to see him chase a tennis ball. He likes to be held and petted by certain people. He’s good with other dog, but nervous around cats. Rocky can be spunky and has bursts of energy. Usually when it’s time

to go up, he will dart to the nearest toy and start playing and when you get almost close enough to pick him up, he takes off running. We think it’s a game to him! Rocky walks pretty well on a leash; he acts like he’s scared when you try to put it on him but once you get it on he’s fine and it can be removed with no problem. He can’t (or won’t) go up and down stairs so that would need to be taken into consideration by adopters.

Rocky is a biter. His biting is unprovoked and unpredictable. Rocky does not do well with me. He has attacked men in his short-term foster home. Rocky is a resource guarder – both food, and “his” human. He will hiss, snarl, and even bite you if you come near his dish while he is eating. He can get along with a calm, non-threatening, quiet canine, but he will attack a dog for no apparent reason.

Rocky has come a long way since his arrival here at CPR.  He has very good potential to become a beloved pet. He needs training regarding the biting. This training will go a long way in helping with the guarding situation, but probably won’t really be a cure. Rocky would thrive in a female, experienced dog owner, only pet situation. He loves a quiet home and routine.

Rocky has developed a grade 2/6 heart murmur. 


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