In Memory

Want to have your loved dog’s picture on our In Memory of Page, with a brief note about him or her? We’d be honored to honor them with you. For $10 your loved dog will be memorialized on our website, and the proceeds will help other dogs in their name. If you wish to do this in memory of your dog, please contact us.

In loving memory of our beautiful Olivia, who brought sunshine and smiles into everyone’s life, and showed all of us how very special a rescue dog is. We miss you so much, you are our lover girl, Lisa, Jeremy and Samantha

In Memory of Chloe Belle Seaborn 2012-2015 Though we had you for what seems like a very short time, we loved you every bit as much as all the poodle puppies who came before you

In Memory of Sunny You were the ″Sunshine of my Life″ from July 28, 1999 to October 6, 2015. Thank you for these many years of joy. We will miss you forever. Susan Gauff

In Memory of Tye you gave me your devotion and your love. You were the best dog in the world, You were so smart, so funny, and so happy and I was so proud to have been your care taker for 15 years. You are with all of your friends now running free with no pain and all the Greenies you can eat. I miss you more than you will ever know. I will love you forever Tye. Mommy

In memory of Lola

I only had Mamie for 10 months. I had my corgi Ellie and the toy Lola from CPR when we saw Mamie on the urgent kill list. Donna arranged the rescue and I picked her up. She never spent a night alone after that day. She taught me, this old hardhead who had forgotten, to rejoice in every day. She may have been blind and deaf but she could hear and see me. She could smell the pizza delivery guy before he turned into the driveway (Italian was her favorite but she never turned down a meal). And she died in my arms. I was as prepared for her passing as I guess anyone could be. Lola′s death the year later on the same date in September at about the same time in the morning still wrecks me to my core. Linda Owens

Lewie loved and was loved by all. Quick with cuddles and kisses, Lewie had the biggest heart of any dog we′ve known. He will certainly be forever in ours. We love you, sweet Lewie. the Pascoe Family

He was a loving family member, athlete, and friend to everyone who met him. He will be deeply missed by Bruce, Rani and David Wieand

My little Angel ″Jack.″ CPR will always have a special place in our hearts. That′s where we found Mister Jack! Thank you! Norma Hallman

Our Dear Coco Colette, We will never forget you. Love, Taff and Ellen

Dolly Greene April 29, 2001 – December 30, 2013 Rescued: May 2011

In Memory of Ellie Hamilton Peterson ″Sweet Angel″ Will and Rachel Peterson

Callie crossed the CaringBridge on March 30, 2012. It was unexpected, even though she had a liver shunt and I knew she would not live a long life. She was the sweetest, most affectionate dog and was spoiled to the very end. She loved people and the little girls next door would stroll her in their old stroller and dress her up and she would just let them do anything. She was my best friend and life will never be the same without her sweet hugs and kisses. Beverly Atkins

Erica: 2009- 08/01/12. Though your body was weak and ill your spirit was bright and loving. You taught us a lot about love and being humble. Even though we had you for only a short time you are entrenched in our hearts and we will never forget you. Run free and healthy baby girl and we will see you again one day. Mary & Beau Winburn

Miya was adopted for Carolina Poodle Rescue by Libby, after losing her beloved poodle, Candy. Right away, Miya knew she had finally found her furrever home with someone who would love her and take care of her. She had a nice warm bed and all of the food she wanted. Although she had some health issues, Miya lived the rest of her life as well as any poodle could. She had the top medical care, food, and best of all, love. Although she will be missed and remembered by her mom, Libby, Miya knew she had the best life that she could.

So Many memoires, but not enough time.You truly were One of a Kind !!! We will miss you dearly. David, Susan, Dana & Allision Freeswick

Angie (Benet Greyt Lady of Daventry) Norma & Roy Schwarz

“In memory of Beau. We hiked many happy trails together. We’ll always miss you.” Mark & Jean Stoffan

To our first “kid”, our devoted friend…thank you for your unconditional love, your companionship and the joy you brought to our family for the 15 years you were with us. You may be gone from this earth but you will never be forgotten. We miss you. The Mead Family

Elara came to us late in her life, so we all tried our best to make up for lost time. Human touch was her favorite thing and sleeping at the head of the bed a close second. We miss seeing you run -- ears to the wind...when you were happy. We love and miss you, sweet Elara. Tricia Byrne & Jack Espinal

″Meghan″ Donna & Wayne Ezzell