Our Goals

At Carolina Poodle Rescue, our primary focus is saving lives. That may mean re-homing a dog in need, rehabilitating a dog so that he or she can be re-homed, or offering a loving sanctuary for a senior or special need dog. In 2016, 2017 and 2018we achieved more than 600 adoptions per year. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of animals saved and lives changed because of loving four-legged additions to the family.

Each year, we establish a set of priorities that support our adoption and sanctuary goals. For 2019, our goals include:

  1. Realizing 1,000 sustaining donors, defined as donors that are giving on a regular basis. We begin 2019 at almost 50% of our goal. If you aren’t already supporting Carolina Poodle Rescue through our Patrons or SOS program, please consider joining today.
  2. Achieving a healthy balance in Luna’s Medical Fund. This fund allows our rescue to provide important, frequently life-saving medical care, when the animals in our care need it. A donation to Luna’s Medical Fund allows us to say yes to animals that need medical assistance.
  3. Fully funding our SOS (Saving Our Seniors) program. Our SOS program offers a loving, compassionate sanctuary to senior and special needs dogs. Our SOS program is currently supporting close to 75 dogs, at an average monthly cost of $250/dog. We begin with our SOS program slightly over 40% funded. You can learn more on our website.
  4. Completing our Cataract Kids Campaign. There is no greater gift than the gift of sight. Every day, Carolina Poodle Rescue says yes to dogs of all ages who need corrective or restorative vision surgery. We have 9 dogs currently awaiting cataract surgery, at an average cost of $2,300 per dog. Our goal is to fully fund these surgeries within the first half of the year.
  5. Opening our Medical Clinic. Every year, we welcome hundreds of families from across the United States to Dreamweaver Farms. The dogs you adopt have all received medical care to ensure they are ready for their forever homes. Our Medical Clinic will allow us to provide more veterinarian services on-site, a luxury for our dogs and our staff. We plan to open our Medical Clinic by the end of March.

Together, we will continue to save lives. One by one until there are none. Please consider supporting any of our 2019 goals today. Simply visit our Donate page and send us a note on which goal speaks to your heart!