Buckles – also affectionately known as Buck-Buck – is one heck of a girl! From the smile on her face to the way she sprints around greeting EVERY person she meets, you won’t meet a happier, more social girl. How could a family ever let this girl go you ask? Simple… she has a special type of diabetes called diabetes insipidus.

What does that mean? Buckles drinks water – all day – and urinates frequently as a result. This is a rare form of diabetes that is caused by a deficiency of the pituitary hormone (vasopressin) which regulates kidney function. This disorder is very uncommon and is not curable. To put it simply – her kidneys can accept water but can’t process it correctly, so water passes through her body very quickly. Thus, she urinates frequently and must have 24/7 access to water. Buckles is currently on a hormone-replacement medication (given through eye drops twice per day). It does help some. We are working with her to find out what is the best dosage for her. The medication is about $120 per month.

Buckles does have a “house training” issue only because of her condition. For someone who is retired and is home all the time, her house training isn’t much of a problem. She must be taken outside every two hours, and her house training is basically controlled. She would love a house with a doggie door. She goes to the door in her foster home if she needs to go out. She wears diapers if her foster mom is going out more than 2 hours. Buckles cannot be deprived of water as it can be fatal to her.

All that sounds frightening and it is but there is more to Buckles than bad plumbing. Buckles is spunky, friendly and loving. She is energetic and must have a fenced in yard to run in. She gets along with other dogs and cats and would be a great playmate to another dog her size or larger. Buckles is eager to please and bonds quickly.

Despite her condition, Buckles is a very happy girl and very adaptable! Her foster mom says she’s the easiest dog she’s ever had