Saving Our Seniors

One Pet At A Time

At Carolina Poodle Rescue, we are home to more than 50 seniors and special needs dogs. Our sanctuary program allows us to say yes to animals in need. Won’t you join us?

For many Seniors and Special Needs, Dreamweaver Farms is home. These precious SOS babies find us through a variety of means: some arrive at the farm from families with major life changes and others find their way here through shelters across the Southeastern US. Each has their own unique story, but they all share a common theme – through no fault of their own they have found themselves without a home during their senior years. Through the generosity of Carolina Poodle Rescue donors and sponsors, our SOS babies have a warm place to sleep, soft food and treats, access to medical care, and all the love and cuddles they can stand.

The average monthly cost to support each of our SOS dogs is $500/month. This cost covers the shelter, food and medical care needed for an individual dog in our sanctuary. The average tenure of our residents varies greatly. Some are only with us for a few short months while others are with us for many years. Regardless of length, each leaves paw prints on our hearts. With your financial support, Carolina Poodle Rescue can say YES to saving more lives!