The Unexpected Love Story of Jake and Adrienne

Adrienne has had dogs all of her life, mostly German Shepherds and other large dogs.  She lost the last of a long line of pups in January 2018. Adrienne missed having a dog, but she had needed a knee replacement for some time. She had held off taking care of herself because she didn’t have anyone she trusted to take care of them the way she would have.

By fall of 2018, Adrienne was ready to adopt again. She began looking on all kinds of sites, searching for her perfect companion. Adrienne was disappointed that she just wasn’t finding the dog she hoped for.

In December of 2018, as Adrienne continued to check online, she saw an advertisement for the Best Friends Super Adoption Event at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. This got her very excited. Adrienne had seen ads for this event in other years, but this year it was being held five miles from her home!

Entering the building, Adrienne was amazed by the sheer number of dogs and people. It was a beautiful sight to see. Most of Adrienne’s dogs had been females so she planned to adopt another one. Right away Adrienne spotted two smaller dogs (Mini Bear and Ollie) being taken care of by a handler. Adrienne was immediately drawn to Mini Bear. She walked over and was disappointed to find out he was a male. He was so small and adorable, but she wanted a female. Adrienne talked with two caregivers (Jessie and Jennifer) and spent time with Mini Bear. He was calm and quiet even with all of the noise created by so many dogs and people in one place. He didn’t bother any of the other dogs.

As taken as Adrienne was with Mini Bear, she decided to take a walk around the rest of the event and see if she found any other dogs (perhaps a female). The caregivers cautioned Adrienne that Mini Bear might not be there when she came back. Adrienne felt that if he was still there when she came back, it meant that he was supposed to be hers. Fate had a plan. Not long after her trip around to look at the other dogs, Adrienne and Mini Bear were headed home together. He had stolen her heart. So began their unexpected love story!

Mini Bear is now named Jake. This handsome boy settled in the moment he walked in the door of his new home. He doesn’t even use a crate. Coming from South Carolina, Jake wasn’t used to the cold weather, but now he’s used to it. Adrienne was concerned that Jake might have separation anxiety, but it’s never been a problem. He is perfectly content to hang out at home when she goes out and greets her with joy when she returns. Jake has taken some trips to PetSmart, the park, and to visit Adrienne’s nephew and his wife. He is always great.

Jake has a few favorite places to hang out. In the morning he sits looking out the glass front door at the world going by. He loves exploring his yard. Jake runs like the wind and loves to show the squirrels and birds how fast he can go. Another favorite spot is napping on a pile of pillows. If there is a sunny spot, Jake will be in it.

Adrienne and Jake have truly bonded. He follows her everywhere. After dinner in the evening, they watch television together. Jake has adapted quickly and Adrienne didn’t expect an older dog to do that. It’s like he has always been with her.

Adrienne said in one of her FaceBook posts, “Jake is a true southern gentleman and we have started a new love story together. I love this boy to the moon and back. We both couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Carolina Poodle Rescue enough for bringing us together.” This is truly an unexpected love story.

The Rest Of The Story….

Jake came to Carolina Poodle Rescue several years prior. He had made the trip to NY before and was adopted, but came back to our rescue after a very short stint. When we made the list of the dogs to make the trip to NY for the 2018 Best Friends Super Adoption Event, Mini Bear wasn’t on the original list. But CPR Operations Manager Jessie Morgan felt strongly that this was Jake’s time and he deserved the opportunity. The smile on Jake’s face as he looked out the back window driving toward his new forever home was all the affirmation needed that this trip was part of a bigger plan!

– Brenda LaFayette