Meet An Adoptable Dog


About Me

Name: Boston of Michigan
Gender: Male
Breed: Standard Poodle
Estimated Birthdate: 10/12/2014
Height: 26" at shoulder
Weight: 61 lbs
Good with dogs: Sometimes
Good with men: Sometimes
Good with women: Sometimes
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: Yes


Why am I with a rescue group? Boston was surrendered to CPR due to a history of  biting. He is a high energy, go-getter type of dog. You will never have to wonder what it is he does or doesn't want/appreciate.. he will let you know! He was released to the rescue with a bite history generated from pain or fear. Since he has been with us we have not seen any biting but we also have been careful not to provoke him.

Boston loves playing, back scratches, and car rides! He needs plenty of exercise to help stimulate his mind. So far he has done fine with the dogs and one cat he has met. When first meeting him he may bark, but give him time, treats and a back scratch and he will warm up to you. Boston does know basic commands but for some reason when asking him to do one of them he does growl. We think it's just because he is a bit stubborn and does not like being told what to do! He is a leader- not a follower and will need a special owner to teach him manners.

Boston is generally a very cautious dog. We don't know what happened in his past, but it has made him skeptical of all things - people, new situations, unfamiliar, environments, etc. He needs quiet and stable and LOTS of experience. 

Boston is available for adoption to the right home. He comes with a bite history, but only when afraid or in pain. Only applicants with experience rescuing dogs with a bite history will be considered. He will not be placed in a home where there are children or small dogs or cats. For many dogs like Boston, sanctuary is the only safe option after a bite history. We are thankful that Dreamweaver Farms and our community offers this. 


Can’t have a dog of your own? Have a soft spot for old, sick or hard to place dogs? It only takes a $20 a month donation for me to be your virtual dog! I need at least 10 virtual adopters (sponsors) to help cover my monthly costs.  If I have medical challenges I need even more! r having to leave your home, you can have your very own online dog that will send you update emails, make Facebook posts, and be eternally grateful for your support!  Go to the donate link at the top of the page for instructions as to how to donate. Questions?  Email:

I love my Virtual Adopters! GERRY A, KARI C, CRAIG & JOHANNA H, KIM N, DIANE W