About Me

Name: Sketor of Anderson
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Estimated Birthdate: 4/28/2019
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 10 pounds
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with men/women: Sometimes
House trained: No
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: No
Must have fenced in yard: No


Sketor arrived in rescue via a hoarding case where they grew up having to fight for everything. This is a lifestyle that leaves dogs severely under-socialized with limited understanding of positive human interactions and a tendency toward resource guarding behaviors. Though humans make Sketor nervous and he tends to have a stand off disposition, he has taken to the routine lifestyle at the rescue really well and now knows he never have to go without a meal. They say that time and consistency and love can heal all wounds. Sketor is certainly a testament to the progress that the gifts of time and human compassion can do for a dog.

Sketor's caregivers describe him as a lean, mean chihuahua machine. Mean is relative - this boy is simply the more confident one of the bunch - he knows what he wants and he walks around with no regrets and never second thinks his decisions in life. Though he wants nothing to do with humans he is content in his own little world doing what Sketor wants to do. He can be caught sunbathing, playing with other dogs (he’s not afraid to say when he’s had enough), and maybe even picking up a toy every now an then.

Sketor is a project. He needs a home that will let him live on his terms and have LOTS of patience as he continues to mature into being a pet. He may never be a lap pet or a cuddle buddy. But he has a heart that wants love and deserves a home where he can be the best version of himself.


Can't have a dog of your own? Have a soft spot for old, sick or hard to place dogs? It only takes a $20 a month donation for me to be your virtual dog! I need at least 10 virtual adopters (sponsors) to help cover my monthly costs.  If I have medical challenges I need even more!  If I have medical challenges I need even more! The caregivers at Carolina Poodle Rescue will do the rest.  Just think, without ever having to leave your home, you can have your very own online dog that will send you update emails, make Facebook posts, and be eternally grateful for your support!  Go to the donate link at the top of the page for instructions as to how to donate. Questions?  Email: