Seeing Our Better Side

I saw the best of us today – in a very rough week and a very rough time for us, I saw the best and I have some thank you’s to say.

My first thank you is to Jessie Morgan who made it her mission to feed lunch for all – she bought, brought and cooked lunch for the staff, taking time out of her busy day to make sure her team members felt appreciated and allowing us to relax and enjoy a few minutes of calm and peace. Jessie thank you..

We were also celebrating a very special lady who works with us. Melissa Roberts is a caregiver, a volunteer caregiver who works two shifts a week right alongside all of us, and is also a repeat adopter of special need dogs. She has a heart as big as all out doors and she routinely goes over and above for the dogs in her care. Monday, with our water outage, Melissa showed up with paper plates and bowls (so we could feed dogs without having to worry about washing dishes) and bottled water for dogs and staff alike.

Pamela Lavender and Kelee Lavender pitched in, brought goodies and enjoyed lunch with us . And two of our adopters joined in for lunch today, too. Both are repeat adopters. It’s always great when our people come back. It means we’ve done a good job the first time.

Teamwork and family – working together for the dogs best care. It’s what we’re all about.