Seresto ® Circle of Love Grant – Carolina Poodle Rescue Update

223. The number of dogs currently under the care of Carolina Poodle Rescue. 87 of whom are in permanent sanctuary due to age, medical need, or behavioral. All relying on our organization to provide the housing, food, attention and medical care they require.

Carolina Poodle Rescue received our Seresto® collars just in time for the hot weather to hit our rescue in the Carolinas.  With temperatures in the low 90s by the first week of June, it has been a scorcher of a summer! We focused on getting the dogs in our Save Our Seniors (SOS) sanctuary program outfitted first.  The contingent of volunteer cats that have made their way to the farm and are almost certainly permanent residents now were next in line.  Our dogs in sanctuary benefit greatly from these collars that they wear versus topical or ingestible formulas that are sometimes hard on their fragile systems.

With our generous grant from Seresto®, we have also been able to outfit dogs as they pass through our program, moving the collars from one dog to the next as they find their forever homes. The flexibility of the collars makes this very straightforward and our dogs reap the most benefit.

One unexpected and delightful benefit of the broad use of the Seresto® collars on our long-term residents has been the absence of visible fleas and ticks at the rescue.  It is almost as though Seresto® drew a Circle of Love around the Farm.  Even though our dogs are out multiple times a day, romping in the fields and play yards  which they share with whatever wildlife (especially squirrels) find their way in…we have not seen a single flea or tick on the dogs or cats.  With topicals, we generally see some signs as new dogs come in even though they are immediately bathed and treated.  This year…fingers crossed for continued success…we have been flea free.

This amazing gift from Adopt-A-Pet and Bayer has not only kept our dogs comfortable and healthy, it has allowed us to redirect funds to other critical medical needs such as addressing heartworm positive dogs that have come into our care and other medical issues like torn ligaments, growth and tumors that need removal, and other specialty consults.  Eight months of protection. Eight months of safety and health. Eight months of healing other hurts and helping dogs to their new, best life.