It’s A Doodle Thing

Meet Bella – she’s a sweetheart of a doodle with a heartbreaker of a problem. I’m often asked how we get in such situations with dogs who need so much. Usually we know going in but Bella’s case had an odd twist.

An owner approached us about giving up her 18 month old labradoodle. She was battling health issues and could not care for her dog with her new situation. Sadly it is a too familiar situation for all involved.

We talked at length with the owner about Bella’s temperament. We knew she was very clingy and needed lots of human interaction. We knew she had been spayed and had all her vaccinations. We knew she was on long-term antibiotics for a UTI. We arranged transport to a foster home.

Imagine the foster mom’s shock when the transporter handed her Bella – and medical records an inch thick. This experienced foster mom got to work reviewing Bella’s medical records and was surprised to find a note from Bella’s vet that they felt Bella’s chronic urinary tract infections and constant leakage of urine was due to a serious condition called ectopic ureta and he had urged the family to take Bella to a specialist. There is only one way to fix ectopic ureta’s. Surgery.

Bella needs to go to the University of Georgia at Athens vet school and have a CT scan. If the results are what everything is pointing to, she will have laser surgery to put everything back where it belongs so she can pee correctly. We need at least $ 3,500 to head to UGA for CT scan and, once confirmed, surgery the same day.

As you can see, Bella is a pretty typical doodle kid. She’s happy, playful, affectionate and yes sometimes clingy. And sometimes she plays in the mud like any kid. She’s learned some independence at the poodle farm and some important socialization skills with both dogs and people. She’s already had a UTI requiring antiobiotics. This cycle for her will be endless without help. Her condition won’t kill her fast – but it makes her virtually un-adoptable and often uncomfortable. Who wants to live with a 65 lb dog in diapers? And who wants to live with a dull ache in her behind parts all the time when there is so much more to do and so much fun to be had?

Bella has the potential to be an amazing companion dog but first she needs some help to get that way.

If you can help, please consider a donation of $18 to Luna’s Legacy Medical Fund for Bella’s surgery. We’re celebrating our 18th year this year and we’re celebrating Bella’s 18 months of life. What better way then with an $18 donation to get her on the way to health as well as happiness.