Tails from the farm – on a life spent living, loving and laughing with dogs.

That connection – the thin and tenuous not physical thread that ties our spirits to our bodies is also the same thread that often ties us to each other.   

When that connection is severed, or close to it, either by disease or by trauma, why do some live and some die?  What keeps the connection strong?  What keeps it connected?  What keeps us here? 

For one little brown poodle, the answer is simple. It’s her.  Specifically, it’s love for her.   

If you do not think dogs have spirits, then you have never let one into your soul.  They love humans.  They chose us years ago.  They chose to creep closer and closer to the fire and the commotion of human life. They chose to leave a life lived free and instead live next to us.  We have never again been so honored by any creature.  I don’t think we ever will.

But back to our little brown poodle.  I tell folks to wait for the connection.  To not pick based on size or sex or color but on the spirit.  I tell them to stop looking at the outside and look at the inside.  And I tell them you have to look in person – but that is not entirely true. Sometimes it happens in a picture. For this little brown poodle, it did.   

He was posted on social media as we often do.  From the minute his eyes held hers through the screen, she knew.  Her husband called her just as she was dialing his number to say the same thing.  That dog is ours.   

They took the day off work the very next day and drove to the poodle farm.  They met 4 little poodles.  But one never left her arms. 

Why is this important today?  Because that connection made in 2013 is stronger now than it was.  It is so strong that despite having his body accidentally poisoned, despite going into full kidney failure, despite multiple doctors telling her to let go, that he could not survive, that it was inevitable…… he is still here today, months after the poisoning and going strong. 

That connection is keeping him here.  For her.  As long as they are together, her connection to him is his connection to our world.  I have urged her to always have him physically near her for he needs her now more than ever.  She has promised she will.     

Always look for the connection.  It’s worth the wait.