Medical Miracles – Lola’s Story

Those poodle ears 

Meet Lola.  Lola is a standard poodle that came to us from a shelter in the Washington DC area.  Why would a shelter from the mid Atlantic region reach all the way to SC to find a rescue for a dog?   

Because no one in their town would touch her.   

There’s a reason for that…. 

Lola will go down as the absolutely worst ear case I’ve ever dealt with.  Lola’s ears were full of an infection called pseudomonas – and they are highly contagious to other dogs and to humans. 

We were on high alert.  Surgical gloves and scrub suits were required.  Lola was lifted each day into an off the ground crate so there was no danger a dog would rub up against the bars of her crate and take away the bacteria which could easily have spread to all of our dogs and our caregivers.  Lola came to us in October of 2014.  It took 6 long months before Lola’s infections were under control and surgeons could operate.     

According to Lola’s owner, Carol, she was worth every moment.  Lola now lives happily with her owner and her canine sister, Georgia. Carol calls Lola her soul mate, a piece of her heart.  Lola gives back to her family in her own way – Georgia was a retired breeder dog and knew little of life in a home.  Lola taught her canine sister how to play with toys, how to potty outside and most importantly, how to ask her human for ”snuggle buggle” love. 

We took care of Lola under some pretty challenging circumstances.  Life would have been easier with a place separate from the other dogs for Lola to heal.  We never want to say no to the Lola’s.  So we are creating that place.   

– Donna Ezzell, Director