Yorkies Find Safe Haven At Dreamweaver Farms

CPR always helps as many small dogs as we can. So when a local breeder died and left her group of Yorkshire terriers with no safe haven, CPR stepped in. Last Monday we picked up 8 boys and 7 girl Yorkies and one very senior Pomeranian girl.

Sadly, the needs of these dogs have been neglected. Our terriers need extensive medical work including spaying and neutering, vaccinating, testing for parasites, dental’s. and–for our little girls–removing mammary tumors.

The financial investment it takes to get dogs like these medically ready is much higher then the price of an adoption fee. We are estimating this group will cost over $6000. That’s a staggering amount of money but, at CPR, we believe that if all of us do a little, together we can do a lot. Your donation combines with many others to make a much larger impact.

We have 16 dogs – our Sweet 16. My request to you is a donation of a dollar per dog – just $16. With that, we can get these dogs ready to begin new lives as pampered and precious pets. Yorkies are hypoallergenic, purse-size pups with personalities much larger than their tiny bodies seem able to hold. I have seen these fearless little pocket pets go on to bless lives and make people smile. Your donation insures that each dog will get the best that we can give them to prepare them for their new role as canine companion extraordinaire.

To donate, visit our webpage and choose the yellow donate button on the left. Specify it’s for the “Sweet 16.” With your help, we’ll find them all homes before Christmas.

Thank you. You’ve saved a life.

Donna Ezzell