It Only Takes One

Meet Maggie.

Thanks to a very caring lady named Denise, Maggie isn’t outside in a lonely dog lot tonight. She isn’t shivering in our damp, nasty weather. She isn’t filthy and matted. She isn’t in an unheated dog house with a dirty blanket for company. She’s tucked in safe and warm in her own bed in a foster home.

Tomorrow she will have a much needed teeth cleaning. On Saturday, she will travel to her new home.

She could have been in that dog lot tonight, outside in the cold. If one person hadn’t cared very much and made sure that didn’t happen she would have been.

Maggie’s owner is no longer able to care for her. Facing her own long walk into the light, she can no longer give the little dog who has given her comfort and companionship for 12 years the home she once did. She trusted family to do it but sometimes, family ties don’t include the 4 legged amongst our family members. The ones with no voice and no choice.

One person cared. One person who had known when things were wonderful for a lady and her little dog. One person made sure Maggie’s grooming was taken care of. One person made sure Maggie got to the vet. One person checked in faithfully on the little dog who no longer had someone to care.

And one person finally said she had enough when she saw Maggie in that dog lot. One person reached out first to a nonprofit whose mission is to take in poodles in need. One person then confronted family members and convinced them that the right thing to do was not to hang on, but to let go.

Then one person drove the little dog all the way to our rescue, giving up much of her own Thanksgiving Day to make sure that Maggie got to where her life mattered.

On Saturday when Maggie travels to her new home, she will be going to live with a senior citizen whose own poodle has passed away. I think the two will make a fine pair. Once again, one person cared.

One person.

It only takes one.

Be the one.

Donna Ezzell, Director

Carolina Poodle Rescue

Pacolet SC

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.