Can dreams come true?

It was 2005 and I was on a business trip to Houston, Texas.  While there I had arranged to meet a lady who I admired greatly and tour her facility – Guinette Pebbles, founder and director of Poodle Rescue of Houston (PRH). PRH was the only faciilty I knew of in the country to rescue and rehome poodles and poodle mixes.  Guinette was living my dream.   

“Amazing,” I told Guinette, as we stood in front of her new pride and joy – PRH’s on site medical clinic.  It was beautiful.  A self contained, fully functioning surgical/exam unit and on site.  Rather than hauling dogs to the vet, the vet would now come to the dogs.   

“One day, this will happen for you,” she smiled at me confidentially.  “One day, someone will give you the money for your own medical clinic.”   

I thanked her for her confidence while inwardly shaking my head no.  I was small, under 100 adoptions a year to Guinette’s close to 1,000.  I had no space.  I didn’t own a boarding clinic with room.  Wayne and I both worked for a living.  Why would someone give me a medical clinic?  Yes, I had shared with Guinette my dreams for building a facility but they were just dreams at this point.   

But I was starting to think, after seeing PRH, that maybe, just maybe.  Dreams could come true.

– Donna Ezzell, Director