Penny’s Journey

Penny’s Journey – From stray in the woods of the deep South to cosmopolitan NYC girl and traveling princess

Penny’s story is an interesting one. Penny is one of four pups our rescue took responsibility for in the spring of 2018.  Mama dog was a stray who found a homeless family that were staying in a camper in the woods near Cross Keys, SC.  No electricity, little food……it was difficult. Yet they cared enough to take in a homeless dog who was pregnant, and they shared what little they had with her.  

Once we got involved, we supplied the family with dog food, a dog pen to keep the pups corralled, and dewormer and vaccines for all. Our homeless family raised the babies with love and kindness and affection and lots of socialization.   

When they were old enough, the 4 now happy and well handled pups came to CPR just in time for our bi-annual New York adoption trip.  

Of the 4, Penny was the most gregarious, the most mischievous and the liveliest.  She was a bright and shiny penny and she was into everything, a very typical terrier/lab mix puppy full of life and energy.  She was the leader of her small pack and it showed.  I love a dog with spunk.   

Penny was adopted by a family excited to have her join them but very quickly, the family had problems.  Penny chases cats. Relentlessly. She had passed the cat test here but something about the cat in her new home was causing her to rethink her cat neutrality policy.  That one had to go in Penny’s opinion.  The new owner even sent Penny to training camp but when Penny came home, the cat chasing started over. With much sadness, she asked us to find a new cat free home for Penny. 

About this time, a wonderful lady named Rebecca who lived in New York had also found our website, realized a trip to SC would be required and completed our application anyway. The thought of the trip did not dissuade her. She liked the look of our dogs.  She had lost her Irish Terrier and her heart and home were empty.  Lisa Gaines, adoption counselor, did the pre-screen and approved her with flying colors.    

When I saw Rebecca’s application, I agreed.  I felt strongly that Penny was never meant to return to South Carolina. Her perfect terrier loving home was right there in New York and ready for a dog. I talked to Rebecca, a cat free home, told her the story and she agreed to pick Penny up.  

Penny (new name Harper) has been with Rebecca since the first of August and it’s going fabulous.  Harper is now a world traveler. This fall, Harper and her family visited Mount Rushmore. At Christmas, she’ll visit Kentucky.  

It’s been an interesting journey for a very interesting dog.  From a stray in the backwoods of South Carolina to a NYC apartment and her own dog walker, however she had to get there, she is where she belongs.  I can’t wait to hear what she does next.   

As a subnote, sadly we tried to follow up with the homeless family to have Mom spayed as we had committed but they left the area. If they read this and would like to reach out to us, that offer still stands.  

– Donna Ezzell