Happy Tails: Dazey

In 2015, Buenos Dias Amigos! Dazey (previously known as “Orbit”) and Stephanie checking in from Guatemala City, Guatemala. Dazey has been in her forever home since January 2013 and began her international travels summer of 2018. At one year of age, Dazey was adopted after spending less than a week with CPR.

Dazey had survived her first year living on the streets and was found by CPR, when on death row, in a local shelter. Stephanie visited CPR a few days after Dazey arrived at the farm with her cat and Dazey knew mom right away. Stephanie remembers,”Dazey was the first dog CPR introduced to me. She was so sweet and would check in with me whenever I met some of the other dogs.” As the visit continued, it was clear to Stephanie and her cat who was going home with them.

The first vet visit after adoption confirmed that Dazey had been shot while on the streets. Once fragments and debris were removed, Dazey was ready to embrace the toys and treats. However, the street days were still apparent in Dazey’s habits as she would eagerly grab her new bed and go flying out the door! Dazey’s drive to be outside put her in danger of cars. This behavior earned Dazey a seat in off-leash training classes.

Now that she stays by her mom, Dazey enjoys the wind in her lady beard–everyday is a perfect day in Guatemala. Stephanie reports that Dazey hasn’t mastered Spanish yet, but is asked daily en Espanol,”Have you been a good girl?” The answer is always the same — grins and wags.

– Tina Busick