The Tiny Troll – Aiden’s Story

We affectionately call him the troll under the tub because just like a troll, Aiden keeps his treasures under something … the grooming tub in our dog room and just like a troll, he guards those treasures zealously. Especially food and treats. And just like a troll Aiden is rather round and substantial. In fact he was as wide as he was tall.

So when our favorite troll started being less careful with his things, we all got worried. Where has the energy that Aiden always had gone to? Why was our troll spending more time at the water bowl and less time in his cave under the tub? Had the mighty protector of all things he deemed his become softer in his old age?

No. Not at all. But a chemical imbalance in his body was driving him to drink…literally. And to drink he had to move away from his cherished toys and beds and seek out the water he needed more and more. Aiden was also leaving his cave more and more to seek out his version of a fire hydrant (our mop bucket). What went in had to come out.

A vet trip and urinalysis and then blood work made us all cringe. Our troll had diabetes. Oh my. How we were going to get the troll out of his cave and give him injections twice per day was going to be a challenge.

But we’re doing it. Our fierce protector of all things his doesn’t know it (and never will) but those twice daily invasions to his body and his personal, valued and protected space by his humans are keeping him well and whole,

Diabetes has also had an unexpected side effect for Aiden. Aiden has always been as big around as he was tall. He is such a resource guarder that if he grabbed another dogs food bowl and ran off with it, you did not dare take it from him. But diabetics have to have a very balanced diet and we’ve gotten much better at making sure Aiden only gets his very special food. Diabetics are bad to gain weight and this food, Science Diet W/D is made to balance their very sensitive systems.

For Aiden, it’s meant more than keeping his insulin needs low. He’s now healthier than he was before, Aiden has slimmed down and become buff. Our Aiden has a waist line! We’re proud of him!

Aiden, our troll under the tub, is not a great candidate for a home of his own. 11 years old, diabetic and with tons of protectiveness still in his little body, best chances are, for Aiden, we are his final home. He may be special and he is not an easy dog but we believe life, all life, is precious. Aiden can have his best life ever with some help from his friends, $20 per month keeps Aiden in insulin, W/D and toys to drag under his tub. It’s his heart’s desire.

Our goal is 12 or more sponsors donating $20 per month to help us support each of our dogs in our sanctuary program. If you would like to see Aiden continue his journey please become one of his sponsors and join his virtual family.  To become a sponsor,

Text cprsos to 41444 for a smart phone link 

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To learn more about our SOS program and meet more of our fabulous SOS dogs, please visit our webpage at 

Welcome to our family – thank you for virtually walking alongside Aiden.   

Donna Ezzell, Director 

Jennifer Reel, SOS Coordinator