Clover’s Story

She was at that time known simply as 9. 9 was one of 9 puppies that were turned in to an upstate shelter by people who were very simply overwhelmed. We don’t know what thy were trying to do, but we don’t think this was it.

The numbers, black magic marker on masking tape, were put on by caring shelter workers needing a very fast way to keep a pile of sick puppies accounted for. Without a way to see who was who, someone might not get properly accounted for because they all looked alike. All red. All long. All low. Thin skinned and missing hair. All had pot bellies and bug eyes that were reminiscent of the pictures you see of starving children. These puppies were starving too. But not from lack of food…

Breeding dogs is not hard. Put an intact male and intact female dog together and eventually puppies will happen. But raising them right, well that’s another matter. These puppies had not been raised right. At 8 weeks old they had no deworming, no flea preventative, no vaccines. There were far too many of them and it was impossible to keep that many clean. They were so filled with parasites and so covered with fleas they were being eaten alive from the inside and the out. And there were more where these came from.

All together 17 puppies, all from the same place, and all in the same shape, came to Dreamweaver Farms. It has taken us 5 weeks, 4 different dewormers, multiple baths and antibiotics to turn these babies from being eaten alive to eating and gaining weight and thriving. It has not been easy. We mourn the tiny one we lost. But for the 16 others, it has been worth it.

9 is now Clover. When she came to us she weighed just one pound. She is now just over 3 lbs and thriving. This Tuesday, a very excited young woman is coming to meet her. We hope it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Clover and her brothers and sisters and cousins needed medication and good food, clean conditions and most importantly, they needed time. Patrons buy us time to do the work we need to do to get them healthy and glowing, happily eating wholesome food instead of being a meal for a nasty parasite. Once that is done, they can go on to being the wonderful canine companion they were meant to be. But it takes time.

Want to see more success stories like Clover’s? Patrons buy time… and food and shelter and all the things we need to make this happy ending.

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